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Dish and Sling TV are left without Disney/ESPN after not being able to renew their contract


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Disney was unable to reach an agreement between Sling TV and DISH to renegotiate more than 17 live channels owned by the mouse company. Among them we have included the ESPN channels, Nat Geo, Disney Channel, among others.


Both companies are pronouncing themselves to reach an agreement with Disney, although they will not allow an increase abuse that directly impacts the consumer and thus may not offer fair rates, reliable service and the freedom of choice to pay for the channels that the user wants.


However, from Disney they say that they have been months of negotiations. But that neither Dish nor Sling TV had accepted one of these offers for the distribution of the Disney channel network. As a result, they have lost access to the unmatched portfolio of sports and live news. In addition to content for children, family and the most important programming of Disney channels. Including local ABC stations.


disney urges DISH to continue working with them to minimize disruption for its customers. Since the agreed rates have been

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Un duro golpe para dish americano por lo menos en el comunicado van a compensar a sus clientes 

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