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Discovery+ is an internet streaming platform with more than 55,000 thousand episodes of your favorite series/documentaries/movies from Discovery channels. With more than 5,000 content titles from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, OWN, History, A&E, among others.

The platform also includes exclusive and original documentary content. In addition, to have outstanding figures such as The Irwin, Bobby, Jonathan and Drew Scott and much more in one place.

The application is found on most of the devices that we have at home. Such as: Amazon Fire TV, ROKU, Android TV and Google TV, Chromecast, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. In addition, on console it is found on XBOX (including Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S), Apple TV and Samsung TVs older than 2018, among others…

But… How does the platform work?

On this occasion I present you a complete Review by Discovery+, from browsing and searching for content, to creating your profile and creating your watch list.

$4.99+ / month


When we register for the first time on the platform, it will ask us to select a plan, since it has two modalities: 1. Ad-Lite ($4.99) and 2. Ad-Free ($6.99). The first payment will be made to us 7 days after the end of the free trial.

Home and Highlights

Once we have our account created, we will see that we have a content catalog on the platform, where Discovery + will help us explore through hub and categories.

As soon as we log in, it will take us to the “For You” page, which in addition to this, we have other tabs such as “Nature and Animals”, “True Crime”, “Paranormal & Unexplained”, “Relationships”, “home”, “Adventure & Exploration”, “Food” and many more. There is a slider where the featured content appears in this case from the “For You” section that this time shows us “Expedition Unknown” from Discovery.

HUB of Brands

Under the previous section, it will show us the brand names of the most important Discovery channels. And which include:

  • Discovery+ Originals
  • Discovery
  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • TLC
  • OWN
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Animal Planet
  • Magnolia Network Preview
  • Planet Earth
  • Travel Channel
  • BBC
  • History Channel
  • A&E
  • Lifetime
  • Discovery Science
  • DIY Network
  • Cooking Channel
  • Popsugar
  • The Dodo
  • Now This
  • Destination America
  • AHC
  • Discovery Life

When we select a “brand” it will take us to the content of this section, where it will show us the most outstanding programs. Where we can scroll down and see categories such as: “trends”, “documentaries” and much more.

Continue Watching…

When we are watching a piece of content, and we have to stop watching it for some reason, luckily, the platform will remember exactly where we stopped watching it, so that when we return it starts from where we left it. In line: “Continue watching…”.

Navigation and Search

In the top bar there is a navigation option, where it will allow us to quickly navigate in the “Search” and “Browse” sections.


When browsing, we can quickly navigate between “Hub”. Under each section there are several options to view all the content of the platform such as: “Trending”, Browse alphabetically “A-Z” and several genre categories.


The Discovery+ application has a powerful search that will allow us to find content by program, personality or genre. When we enter this section for the first time, we will get a section of “Recommended for you” and collection of Discovery programs. After searching for what we want, in this case “action” will give us a result with options such as “shows”, “episodes”, “collections” and “Extras”.

Show Detail & Playback

When we go to a program, such as, for example, “Welcome to Plathville”, it allows us to immediately replay it, or add it to our list to watch later, or explore the different seasons and chapters. In the mobile version & desktop, we have the option of information about the selected program and others that we might like.

On the other hand we have the player, very simple and charismatic. We find 3 remarkable buttons either to start playing and pause, or go back and forward for 10 seconds. Then we will have a full screen button and another to return to the start of the platform, or the section of the program that we have chosen to select another chapter. Followed by the classification of the program.

At the bottom we find the playback bar, where we can quickly advance through the content, but a disadvantage is that it does not show us in a thumbnail the content of it. Followed by a button to mute, skip the intro and also choose the language and subtitles.

My List

The application has a great option, that when we see a series that we like, we can add it to the favorites list. You can do this by selecting the “My List” button or the plus sign, depending on the device, in the program details section or from the home page. By selecting this option we will be automatically saved in our list to be able to see it later and find it easily.


Once we have our account created and ready, a profile will be created by default. The good thing is that it allows us to customize both the name and the avatar photo. For them we must select the option that says “Manage Profiles”.

At the beginning he will tell us “Who is watching?”, where we can click on each profile depending on the person who owns the profile. In addition, in the administration of the profiles by pressing the “pencil” button to edit or add profiles.

The platform offers us a limited set of images to put on our profile. While they don’t include avatars from many favorite Discovery shows, we have a space captain, an aliens, a shark, among others.

Each account will allow us to create up to 5 profiles: 4 additional and 1 of our own. And it will allow us up to four simultaneous transmissions. The application does not have a child mode so the titles that children watch will be under the responsibility of the parents.

When we create our profile it will give us the possibility to set a PIN so that no one accesses our profile to snoop.

Thematic live channels

The platform also has thematic channels where they offer us several channels with the best Discovery programming 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

As for the player of these live channels, there is not much difference with respect to the Video On Demand one. We find a button to return to the home of the platform, in the central part the button to put play or pause the channel, and at the bottom an indicative that tells us that the channel is live, the volume and the audio option.

Watch this video and much more on our YouTube channel.

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