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[Community] Pluto TV USA: News, releases and much more ...

Victor Hugo

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Pluto TV, is a ViacomCBS company, is free streaming television service that offers hundreds of linear channels, originals, and an endless number of OnDemand movies in association with the main TV networks, movie studios, sponsors and companies. Recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in 2020, Pluto TV has more than 50 million monthly active users in the world, covering three continents and 25 countries between the US, Europe and Latin America. Available on all mobile devices, web and Smart TV.

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7 new channels on Pluto TV!

- Best of Dr. Phil / Channel 155

- Britbox Mysteries / Channel 387

- Lupin the 3rd / Channel 842
- Pluto TV Game Shows / Channel 162

- The Andy Griffith show / Channel 510

- Matlok / Channel 522

- Gunsmoke / Channel 527

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6 Brand Spanking New Channels On Pluto TV

  1. Real Madrid TV
  2. Black Throwbacks
  3. K-Content
  4. Bounce XL
  5. Fuse Beat
  6. Pluto TV Reaction
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